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At La Puerta Originals, we are about more than doors. We produce the most extraordinary commercial and home furnishings and design elements, from custom solid wood kitchen cabinets, bars and wine storage, bathroom vanities, fireplace mantels, and yes, doors, both exterior and interior, and gates.

Our products are designed in collaboration with you and/or your design team to produce a single piece, or an entire house package, whether you are wanting kitchen cabinet remodeling, or building your house from the ground up. We can freshen the entry to your home with a most unique front door modeled on grand antique Spanish doors, or we can design your dream kitchen, customized to your exact needs with kitchen cabinet islands and custom kitchen cabinets with the latest innovations, from pull-out mini pantry and refrigerator or warmer drawers to wine coolers and built-in espresso bars.

We are committed to using environmentally sound practices. That starts with using salvaged wood doors and other antiques from around the world. We create each piece by incorporating material such as antique Mexican doors or intricately carved surrounds from Pakistan, with the antique material inspiring the design of the product. Our expert craftsmen and finishers are unparalleled at seamlessly incorporating salvaged wood and matching patinas. Our finishes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Our inventory, which lives on more than four acres in Santa Fe, New Mexico consists of the world's largest showcase of antique materials in the U.S., and includes an 18,500 square foot manufacturing facility. More than 5,000 doors, columns, corbels, surrounds, shutters, and timbers, dating from the 18th through the early 20th Century have been collected through the years from countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Mexico, South America and Northern New Mexico. All of La Puerta Originals products are handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Our commercial projects have ranged from recreating a Cuban bar and cafe, to stately ballroom doors, the wood kitchen cabinets for the chow hall and bunk house elements for a working ranch (including the longest dining table we have built to date!), unique frames for professional painters, sales and work counters for specialty shops, massive doors and gates for car dealerships and private clubs and furnishings and architectural elements that add warmth and comfort to an assisted living facility.

We invite you to explore the different categories of our website:

Our Signature Kitchen category features a Kitchen Installation section showing the diverse styles of our clients’ custom kitchens. In this section you get the full effect of the completed project – countertops and appliances are installed and you can see how the solid wood kitchen cabinet doors work with the appliances or the kitchen cabinet islands. The Kitchen Portfolio section highlights individual pieces as they come out of our shop. Some cabinets feature our solid wood countertops and some are shown without countertops, as stone or granite countertops will be installed on site. In this section it is easier to see the way material has been incorporated into the kitchen cabinet doors, or to see the detail and beauty of a hand-rubbed finish.

Our Installations category features a huge variety of projects, including palapas bars, libraries, Santa Fe style doors, elaborate doors, simple doors, bathroom vanities, dressing tables, entertainment cabinetry, New Mexico style furniture, wine storage, desks, laundry cabinets, gates and much more.

The Portfolio category has been broken down into subsections. These highlight individual pieces as they come out of the shop. You can browse through custom exterior doors, furniture, cabinetry, fireplace mantles to flooring in this section.

The Commercial Projects section features many of the designs we have done for businesses ranging from large bars and restaurants, retail shops, hotels, bed and breakfasts and country inns, medical clinics and ranches. Again, there is a great deal of variety in these projects. We have designed architectural pieces and faux embellishments, grand entryways, custom kitchen cabinetry, elaborate bars, liquor and wine storage, DJ stations, waiter stations and hostess desks, sales counters, wainscoting and baseboards, entry gates, driveway gates, balconies, furniture and television cabinets. It is exciting to be a part of these ventures that entertain and serve so many people.

We include a lot of variety on our website, but it is still only a small selection of our large body of work over nearly 20 years. We can work with you to achieve your vision for your home, whether it is a magnificent front entry, or solid wood custom kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen. The antique raw material we incorporate is one of a kind, the craftsmanship is unequaled, the results are extraordinary. Let us build an original for you!




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