No end to the wind, but things have finally started to green up this spring. And Wow!, has it been busy! I haven’t even had time to finish working on the rest of the installation pics for a “Visit part II” entry. This week though, I did work on the pictures of one of the doors from that day of shooting because I am going to use them for another purpose, and I thought I would share them (be sure to click on the photos to see the detail).

In the first “Visit” entry, I said how fun it is to see a piece that I didn’t really give a second look out of the shop that looks so great when it is installed. These’d be one of those! I walked past these doors every day without giving them a thought. I think the finish got kind of washed out in the mix of lighting in the warehouse. But when I saw them installed up at the house, I was so taken with them. They are the doors to a large master bath and the client wanted the look to be feminine, without being frilly or frivolous. The finish is a subtle wash of green and pink that looks lovely and sophisticated, going so well with the soft green of the troweled walls in the bathroom. The hardware is cast bronze, with heavy crystal knobs – the feel in the hand is cool, smooth and sensuous.  The shutters can be left open to brighten the bedroom hallway, and even when they are closed for privacy, the transom windows let the light in. This is an instance where everything works so well together.


I will have to wander around with my camera this week and put up  more pictures. Some really great things are coming out of the shop! In my last entry I posted a shop pic of a surround being built for a giant door. The whole shebang has come out of the shop and hardware is being installed this week. The thing is HUGE!!! Very impressive. In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures from the yard.  I thought it was funny that there seemed to be spring colors all around the yard last week.





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