Our Fabulous Fall Continues!

We didn’t really have much of a spring this year – we seemed to jump straight from winter into summer.  I thought that might happen with fall, that it would be short, so after being out of town for a while,
I was pleased to see that we were still having fall weather.  There was snow on the mountains though, so I hit the ski basin to see what was happening up there.  It was a gorgeous crisp day!  Being a weekday, there were not many people, but I did see some animals.

Mostly I was taken by the trees.

La Puerta Originals is down there somewhere…

Back on the ground, things at LPO are continuing at a bustling pace.  Some really great stuff is coming out of the shop!

Check out these built-in mudroom cabinets.  The finish stopped me in my tracks.  And the contrast of the cubby color is dramatic.  One thing to keep in mind when looking at a background color in these, or bookshelves, is that there will be things in them and the color will be peeking out.  A bright color really makes a great accent.

In an earlier posting I was talking about custom kitchens and how they have evolved into multi-purpose areas where people gather for a number of different activities.  These next cabinets are an example of a connected kitchen, dining room and entertainment area.  The cabinets below are the built-in dining room cabinets,

and then the next picture is the backside of the cabinets.

The space on the left is for a flat screen television, as illustrated in the mock-up below, and then the drawer below holds the electronics.

The door drops down for use with a remote, and the shelf slides out if further access is needed.

The final piece I want to show is a bench.

Over 9 feet long, the bench is made from an antique carved corbel

and the legs are crafted from reclaimed heavy timber.

That is quite a seat!


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