Design Process

In collaboration with our clients, La Puerta Originals creates one-of-a kind custom doors, gates, custom kitchen cabinetry, furniture, bars, custom wine storage and bath cabinetry. See the steps in our process from the first meeting to the shipping of merchandise to your home or project site.

Handcrafted Old World Furniture

ABOUT- Step by Step, the Design Process

At La Puerta Originals we work in collaboration with you to produce elements for your home that are uniquely yours. Whether a custom front entry or gate, or an entire package of custom kitchen cabinetry, each piece is crafted to your specifications in look, feel, function and finish.

Our project managers gather information about the scope of your project and will schedule a design appointment for you. At the design appointment the details of your plans are reviewed, along with existing architectural drawings. We also offer professional design services to create new, detailed drawings for your project if needed. You will receive a tour of our extensive inventory yard, which includes brief cultural histories and the provenance of the antique raw material being viewed. At the design appointment, a budget is created for all aspects of your project.

With the scope of the project established, our experienced design team will guide you through the creative process. In selecting the raw materials you are free to personally select elements as you go, or the team can select material proposals from which to choose. This is a very exciting step, one that ultimately shapes the outcome of each piece. Using the selected raw material, drawings are created for each piece. Then, with your input, finish samples will be created for your approval and hardware and glass options reviewed and selected.

Once the raw material, drawings, finish samples and hardware schedule are approved, our master craftsmen go to work. Our craftsmen are extremely skilled at handling old wood, using many of the more primitive techniques and tools to incorporate the antique material seamlessly into the finished piece.

one-inch-contact-usWhen the carpentry aspect of the project is complete, it’s the finishers’ turn. Using our proprietary techniques and non-toxic materials, these artisans work their magic to enhance and protect the finished product. The incorporation of antique material is an art – one that our craftsmen have mastered. The scale of many of the antique doors from other continents is often smaller than our larger contemporary dwellings. Our craftsmen can extend the dimensions of the door, seamlessly matching the patina of the antique door, or use the extension as a frame to highlight and feature the original antique door.

After the finish is set, the hardware, glass and any accessories are installed, and then it is time to pack and ship. Our shippers are as skilled as our craftsmen in wrapping and packing items to ship. Whether the destination is across town here in Santa Fe, or across the country, they are able to protect the most fragile glass or the heaviest doors to ensure safe, intact arrival.

While it varies by project, this process takes an average of three months. Each step is documented with letters, drawings, finish samples, photographs and other forms of communication so that you are informed about the progress of your project. Our work comes with a warranty and our commitment to your satisfaction.

We invite you to view the portfolio and installations sections of our website for a sampling of our exceptional body of work.