Custom Furnishings

This section features design elements, such as ceilings, mantels, columns, corbels, and surrounds, stair rails and risers and trusses and beams. We also show custom-built furnishings, such as tables and bars. We just love to see La Puerta Originals’ creations in use and in the context of our clients’ living spaces.

Handcrafted Old World Furniture

INSTALLATIONS – Architectural Elements & Custom Furnishings

This is a bit of a miscellaneous section. If it doesn’t fit into the categories of Door, Gate or Cabinetry installations, you will find it here. We originally called it Living Areas because many of the photos feature architectural elements such as beams and heavy timbers, corbels, door surrounds, fireplace mantels, wainscoting, staircases, risers and railings. These are elements that enhance the living areas of a home, framing doorways, marking the meeting of wall and ceiling, or decorating the ceiling itself. We also showcase some of La Puerta Originals custom furniture, mirrors, shutters, a bed and even what we call our Juliette balcony.
one-inch-contact-usLa Puerta Originals furnishings are created with artistic sophistication and authentic antique details. Crafted with vintage wood, salvaged barn boards and beams, architectural antiques and recycled metal, these furnishings add distinction, innovation and value to your home. We are reviving the crafting of architectural details that seem to be lost these days, such as door surrounds, columns and corbels, Newell posts and wooden ceilings – elements that can enhance all the living areas of your home in many distinctive and distinguishing ways. These are elements that make a home extraordinary, setting it apart from others.


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